Welcome To Your Cause
Social Ambassador Program

Short intro to Your Cause. Together our single voice can become a roar.

That's where you come in. The Social Ambassador Program is a key part of the [Your Cause] campaign, to bring our voices together collectively in getting the word out and increasing awareness of the [Your Cause]. Together our voice is louder and our impact greater!

Social media is completely transforming our ability to create change. It's now possible to harness the power of social media and educate people about [Your Cause] wordwide. It's simple – as individuals, our ability to impact people globally is limited; together it's extremely powerful – powerful enough to change the face of [Your Cause].

We want to harness this power by reaching out to people like you; passionate and committed to [Your Cause] awareness, and make it easier through the tools we've created to bring our voices together and make a difference.

The benefits of helping our community come together under a common theme and set of messages, we believe will lead to increased awareness and education. This is the #[Your Cause] Social Ambassador Campaign's goal. Join Us. We need your voice.

What do we offer our ambassadors?

We offer our Ambassadors a simple guide to using social media and innovative marketing to inspire and motivate others to support and raise funds for the cause that matters so much to all of us. We make this easy by providing online tools to manage your social outreach with tracking tools and statistics, personal referral links, social widgets, profile management and a toolkit to promote the campaign.

Who can serve as an ambassador?

Many of you were invited because you reached out to us and asked to help. We created this campaign because we've received so many messages worldwide from people who wanted to make a difference. You are our core ambassadors and we are lucky to have you.

#YourCause Social Ambassadors are dedicated and passionate about [Your Cause] education, training and action and want to transform that dedication into spreading the Campaign's messages to others through social media. If you have these qualities, we welcome you and look forward to you adding your voice to the roar that will change lives.

What is the role of an ambassador?

#YourCause Ambassadors are a unique group of individuals that are deeply committed to changing the face of [Your Cause]. Ambassadors will help to:

  • Build awareness about #YourCause in order to further expand and deepen its reach and impact.
  • Actively promote and share with their network what #YourCause stands for and its contribution to furthering awareness for [Your Cause].
  • Introduce their network to the various ways to contribute and donate to the campaign.
  • Encourage people to participate in spreading the message to their networks by becoming Ambassadors themselves.
  • Encourage people to tell their story on the StoryWall.
  • Encourage their family and friends to speak out on the RoarWall.

What Rewards and Gifts do you receive?

We appreciate you and know that your voice makes all the difference. So we would like to show our appreciation to you for all of your hard work.

Rewards will be given in the following manner:

  • Recognition on our website of all Social Ambassadors.
  • Awards from your organization.
  • The Social Ambassador with the most points accrued from click referrals and donations will be recognized and awarded "The Social Ambassador Star Award".

Where Do The Funds You Raise Go?

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