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Our Passion is to understand Your Cause and make it Come Alive with interactive marketing tools, we call “social action apps.” These apps set us apart from other web development agencies. They give your supporters a voice. They create excitement and engagement, inspiring and empowering your supporters. And build trust and credibility.

Empower Your Audience

Social action apps are interactive platforms that empower your audience (including consumers, donors, staff, patients) to assist in marketing efforts. They can now help in promoting your brand, holding fundraisers, honoring volunteers or donors and much more. Those committed to your mission become your strongest advocates, viral ambassadors, and trusted brand storytellers.

Keep Your Supporters Coming Back

Social action apps reside on your website. So, visitors will keep returning to the site, content will be continuously updated and as a result, you’ll increase your search engine rankings! Remember! You must stay on page 1 of the search engines. 75% of users do not scroll past the first page on Google searches. Social action apps can help put you there and keep you there.

Here’s how it works:

Event Fundraiser

Going to hold a special event fundraiser for your organization?

Don’t just raise money from attendees on event day. Install our Crowdfunding App on your website. Staff and supporters will have the ability to create their own fundraiser to raise donations and support your event.

Dedicated Volunteers & Donors

Do you have dedicated volunteers or committed donors?

Don’t just say thank-you in your company newsletter. Install our HonorWall App on your website, allowing them to proudly share with friends and family. They’ll get recognition and you’ll get brand exposure with a new audience.

Grow Your Supporters

Have patients who want to tell their story about your facility or individuals who have been helped by your nonprofit?

Don’t put up the old-fashioned “testimonials” with no visuals. It likely won’t get read. Install our StoryWall App or VideoWall App on your website. It puts a face to those supporting your cause, instilling trust and believability.

Spark Word-Of-Mouth Campaigns

Do you have a group of supporters who care deeply about your organization's cause?

Give them the tools to be an integral part of your organization by installing our Social Amabassador App on your website. Leveraging the collective power of their influence across their personal social networks sparks valuable word-of-mouth campaigns that increases brand visibility and drives action.

StoryWall Social App

The StoryWall App gives your supporters the online tools to be part of the conversation resulting in a relationship; one where both you and your supporters are engaged. It puts a face to those supporting your cause, instilling trust and believability.

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VideoWall Social App

Giving your supporters a tool to tell their story through video about how your organization has helped them is one of the most powerful ways you can get your message out to the world. Your supporters' stories become your stories — creating transparency, legitimacy and trust.

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Ambassadors Social App

The Social Ambassador App turns Influencers, Supporters, Employees, Customers and Advocates into Ambassadors for your cause. Leveraging the collective power of their influence across their personal social networks creates social change and empowers others to do so. When your message is coming from a trusted party ("influencer"), that message can help spark valuable word-of-mouth campaigns that increase brand visibility and ultimately drive action.

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Social Networking Social App

Our Social Networking App provides your members with an authentic social experience that is focused on connections, education, discussions and shared experiences, where members interact and drive conversation, participate in activity they can't find on general social networks, and receive acknowledgment.

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RoarWall Social App

The RoarWall App allows user’s to write a one sentence message about what they want to see changed. With built-in social sharing tools, users can broadcast their message to their friends and family through facebook and twitter — asking them to visit your organization’s website, sign their message to show their support — and help them in getting the word out.

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SocialWall Social App

The SocialWall App displays your organization’s posts from all of your social media networks on one page. Gone are the days of clicking to Facebook, then Twitter, then Youtube – taking your supporters away from your website and making them do the work to find out what’s going on in your organization.

With CauseRoar’s SocialWall, your supporter’s can view at a glance all your social news as well as fan posted content and they can share posts they like on any major network with just one click.

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HonorWall Social App

The HonorWall App can be used in multiple ways. It gives organizations’ a way to honor their dedicated staff, volunteers or committed donors, thanking them for their contributions and giving them the recognition they deserve. It can also be used to give your supporters a powerful way to honor their friends and family - sharing their photo and unique story – and asking for donations for your organization in honor of or in memory of their loved ones.

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