RoarWall Social Action App

RoarWall Social Action App

Our Social Action RoarWall App gives your supporters the tools to have their voice be heard.

It is a simple but powerful tool for passionate individuals to unite with your organization to spread the word about your organization’s mission.

The RoarWall App allows user’s to write a one sentence message about what they want to see changed. With built-in social sharing tools, users can broadcast their message to their friends and family through facebook and twitter — asking them to visit your organization’s website, sign their message to show their support — and help them in getting the word out.

When hundreds or even thousands of people raise their voices about an issue they feel strongly about, that social message can take on a life of its own giving your organization the ability to connect with more people — and make more change — than ever before.

Engage with Supporters

Instead of the one-sided traditional marketing tools to get the word out, Social Action Apps engage supporters and provide a platform to let their voice be heard. This changes the dynamics of building awareness and raising funds. A relationship is created; one where both your organization and your supporters are engaged

Boost Fundraising Results

When your supporters use the CauseRoar Social Action Apps, they are taken to a Thank You page and receive an email that asks for their donation to support your cause. Each action your supporter takes is tied to an ask!

Grow Your Supporters

Each step of the way, supporters are asked to share their actions on social networking sites using pre-written messages by your organization and tell-a-friend emails to enable your supporters to get their friends and family involved.

Responsive Design and Easy To Use

Cutting-edge coding optimizes websites for desktops and provides "app-like" experiences on smartphones, and tablets. Training is provided, so that your staff can quickly manage your supporters' social actions through a back-end admin interface.

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