CauseRoar helps your organization create value with on demand video

CauseRoar’s mission is to help innovative organizations spread their message online and raise funds, and we believe on demand video is one of the most effective tools to reach that goal.

As an organization, putting on an event is a substantial effort that requires significant resources. Whether it’s a conference, seminar, or educational training, events can be a valuable source of additional revenue. Most organizations are thrilled at the end of a successful event, as they should be.

At CauseRoar, we see the end of an event as a beginning. Through our marketing efforts prior to the event and during, we help you create a market for after event video on demand purchases. Each step of the way, we setup and implement the marketing strategy that creates a buzz and gets your supporters interested in what you have to offer in your on-demand catalog.

On-Demand Video Creates Additional Revenue Streams

Offering videos after the event as recordings for people to view or download, enables you to reach those that were not able to attend the live event or watch the live stream and creates additional revenue streams.

CauseRoar helps you create value with video. From encoding video for viewing on all devices (web, ipad, smart phones), to setting up pay-per-view subscriptions, to branding your media center, to designing a beautiful user experience, you’ll quickly expand your audience, generate revenue, raise brand awareness and create more effective digital communications.

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