Visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text.
In just over 2 years, infographic searches on Google have increased by over 800%.
Publishers who use infographics grow in traffice an average of 12% more than those who don't.

Infographics can help your organization stand out

In today’s digital age, where industry leaders are bombarded with information and have little time to read, well-executed visual graphics can help your organization stand out from the pack.

CauseRoar can turn your organization's statistics and facts into a easy to understand, visually stimulating design that tells your story in a way that will capture the attention of your supporters, build your brand, educate your audience and optimize your search engine ranking through link-building.

Advantages of Infographics

Media outlets love infographics. Larger media outlets love infographics because they drive engagement. Their visitors love them, share them and comment on them. Infographic marketing is a great way for a brand to gain exposure through larger media outlets that might not ordinarily provide them exposure.

Click to enlarge. (Infographic for CauseRaor Client)

Sharing on social media is easy. Consumers love infographics and love social media, and when you combine the two you can strike gold. Take a look at your social media feeds and there is a good chance you'll spot an infographic that someone has shared. When a person enjoys viewing an infographic, he or she will share it for others to enjoy as well. A well-timed and well-thought-out infographic can go viral quickly across social media.

Natural link building and website traffic. When a popular infographic is shared across social media, other websites may pick it up, resulting in natural link building. These are two things that are great for search engine.

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