Online Events Increases Revenue for Organizations producing Educational Conferences

Online learning is growing leaps and bound and has immense potential for increased revenue for organizations that produce educational conferences. Global Industry Analysts project online learning will reach $107 Billion in 2015. More traditional methods of training or education are not going away, but organizations of all types are choosing to train and educate online.

Online events can connect exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers with participants through a web-based interface. Common types of online events include on-demand video, live streaming events and e-learning with automated course pacing, exams, grading, and the all important certification necessary for CME.

These types of events are often less costly than in-person events and enable your organization to easily reach a geographically dispersed audience. Online events can have a tremendous impact on the cost, convenience, time saved, reliability and accountability of training.

As a recent survey shown below indicates, online learning and the health industry are poised to go hand in hand.

Clinician Demand For Online CME And Virtual Courses

Data collected by AcademicCME and ArcheMedX, demonstrates that 97% of clinicians are planning to either increase or maintain their participation in online continuing education programs during the next year, while there appears to be a significant pull back in the participation in live meetings and conferences.

There is a significant shift from learning in live meetings to learning online through traditional online CME, online Virtual Courses.

Now, more than ever, learners are turning to online training events to achieve their personal and professional goals. CauseRoar has the expertise, tools and experience to bring your event online and reach your supporters where they are, creating memorable experiences for those who can’t be at your event.

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