Exhbitior & Sponsorship Management Services For Conferences, Meetings, and Events.

Exhibitors and Sponsors. The Golden Ones! This is where a good event can be transformed into an amazing event and one that generates much needed revenue for your organization. As well as increasing revenue for your organization, exhibitors and sponsors offer valuable business and networking opportunities for attendees and marketers.

There are two unique aspects to managing exhibitors and sponsors. Sales and Management. At CauseRoar our team members have a depth of experience in both areas. Our Sales and Exhibition Management team is able to leverage our extensive sales, marketing, branding and logistics expertise to give you more time to focus on the other elements of your meeting or event.

Our Dedicated Team Can Drive Event Sales

At CauseRoar we begin with a thorough review of your industry. (We skip this process in the Lyme, Autism, ME/CFS, and PANDAS world as we are deeply entrenched in this community). Next, we begin prospecting to determine qualified leads for both exhibitors and sponsors. Based on our research and prospecting we create a marketing strategy and materials (both in print, social media and on your event website) to ignite interest and a desire to be part of your event. Our sales team leader has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing has taken a leading media company from a startup to $25 million in sales.

Key Functions

  • Develop customized strategies to grow your sponsorship and exhibition sales.
  • Identify all potential prospects in consultation with you, reaching out to new contacts and re-engage existing ones with new ideas.
  • Create a series of promotional materials that effectively communicates the strength of the event to enhance the selling process
  • Develop “Sponsorship Opportunities” with your approval, and "Invitation to Exhibit" materials (emails, pdfs, and website content)
  • Develop email campaigns to prospective sponsors or exhibitors.
  • Contact prospects with the right balance of politeness and tenacity.
  • Educate prospects on the benefits of exhibiting and sponsoring and how to do it so they receive the highest return on investment.
  • Present varying levels of sponsorship, offering a wide range of opportunities.
  • Establish new business relationships for your organization and secure sales of sponsorship and exhibition packages
  • Create online forms for purchasing exhibition space and sponsorship opportunities.

Exhibitor/Sponsor Management and Support

No less important is the detailed management and support of your exhibitors’ and sponsors’ needs. From the moment the exhibitors and sponsors have made their purchase online, our attention and logistical support offered is second to none.

Key Functions

  • Develop a vision for the exhibition space
  • Write Exhibitor Rules and regulations
  • Write, Design, and email the exhibitor and sponsorship prospectus
  • Write and Design email campaigns to prospective sponsors or exhibitors.
  • Prepare all Exhibition related collateral.
  • Coordinate content required from Exhibitors and Sponsors. Interact via phone and email to receive all requirements (Exhibitor Logo, bio and description).
  • Provide accurate and current exhibitor information for website promotion and for the final printed program (Exhibitor Logo, bio and description). Update website.
  • Manage all correspondence
  • Develop floor plans that maximize exposure for exhibitors
  • Manage Floor plans and Space allocation
  • Provide on-site management for the exhibition
  • Arrange freight forwarding and loading dock services.
  • Create on-line evaluation surveys for exhibitor/sponsors after the conference.

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