49% of activity on social media by "Cause Champions" is talking to others about the organization.
39% of activity on social media by "Cause Champions" is donating money.
35% of activity on social media by "Cause Champions" is signing petitions.


CauseRoar's Social Action Apps give organizations the tools to activate, mobilize, & engage your supporters to spread your message.

How We Help Engage Your Supporters

CauseRoars’ unique Social Action Apps allow you to move your supporters beyond Share, Like or Comment. Now, instead of just asking people to click Share on a webpage, you can give them the tools to Tell Their Story, Become An Ambassador, Create Their Own Fundraising Campaign, Post A Tribute, Create A Petition, and other actions to support your mission and show their support through real-time actions on the web.

Your supporters are the heart and soul of your organization. Giving them the online tools to be part of the conversation results in a relationship; one where both you and your supporters are engaged.

Learn more about CauseRoar Social Apps and see what Social Action Apps can do for your norganization.

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