Nonprofit online revenue increased by 21% in 2013;.
Online Donations Increased by 13.5% in 2013.
Small organizations benefitted the most from online giving in 2013.

Ecommerce Development for organizations is often complex

While most think of ecommerce as an online store, ecommerce functionality for organizations extends beyond this narrow definition. Organizations have numerous needs depending on their mission: donations, event and conference registrations, crowdfunding, membership renewals, webinars, online video sales and more.

Making "The Ask" Critical To Online Success

CauseRoar builds Ecommerce functionalty with “The Ask” in mind. This is critical to the online success of an organization’s web presence. While your website should not solely exist to raise money from your supporters, it certainly should be a major consideration when creating your site.

Work With eCommerce Developers Focused on your mission

You’ve got a great opportunity immediately after someone has purchased tickets to an event, renewed their membership, purchased a product or any revenue producing action. Your supporter has made a decision to invest in your organization. There are two places you can take advantage of this moment:

  1. Confirmation Page – The confirmation page is the page a person sees after a financial transaction. This is where you tell your supporter thank you while also giving them an idea of what they can do next to support you. “The Ask” is critical. What do you want them to do? Make a donation, give a shout out on social media, join your email list?
  2. Email Receipt – The email receipt should be used to thank your supporters while also serving as the receipt for tax purposes. But this too is an opportunity to make “The Ask”.

At CauseRoar, we specialize in bringing together ecommerce functionality with your mission in mind leading to greater success generating revenue for your organization.

CauseRoar Ecommerce Features for Organizations

  • Capture donations
  • Event and ticket order management
  • Membership management
  • Online Store
  • Online Media Center with pay per view videos
  • Crowdfunding

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