Event Branding For Conferences, Meetings, and Events.

Event branding offers organizations the opportunity to heighten awareness, amplify the buzz, and create a roar about your event, meeting or conference. At CauseRoar we make this our mission.

We see an event as an opportunity to create a roar about your organization well before and well beyond the actual event and we have the tools and experience to make this happen.

A strong event brand must have a unique, consistent and compelling brand across all event touchpoints, including name, tagline, logo, color scheme, personality, messaging, social media pages, website, decorations, posters, room signs, invitations, and emails. The goal: imprint a single-minded brand identity at every touch point, producing a consistent brand experience to make your organization stand out from competing events and be dynamic and meaningful to the target audience. Effective brand identity serves as a visual memory trigger and will create a roar around the event, boost attendance and ultimately build customer loyalty, and generate more revenue.

And it goes one step further, successful event branding attracts high-profile exhibitor and sponsors, giving organizers the ability to command a premium price and ultimately increase revenue for the organization.

Branding Process that creates a roar about your event

At Cause Roar, we have developed an effective branding process for meetings & conferences. It begins with a discovery phase where we brainstorm, engage, and research. We find out who you are, what your vision is and why it matters, who your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors are and what they care about and who your competition is and what they do well and not so well.

From this in depth analysis we develop a foundation for all future marketing communications (touchpoints) and a guide for defining (or redefining) your event’s personality, writing compelling messages, designing a visual identity, building your presence online, in print, and on social media, developing brochures and other materials, or telling your story visually through video. The possibilities are boundless.

At CauseRoar we create a consistent brand through all of your touchpoints, in a way that is memorable and touches the hearts and minds of your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

Our custom branding & marketing services can include:

  • Event Logo/Slogan and Theme Development and Design
  • Postcards, Brochures, Flyers and other Printed Materials
  • Publication and On-site Guide Development & Design
  • Printed or Digital Event Invitations
  • Registration and Confirmation Materials
  • Event Websites and Landing Pages
  • Social Media and Traditional Messaging
  • Email Marketing Messaging and Design
  • Exhibitor/Sponsor Prospectus Design
  • Directional Signage, Digital Displays and Banners
  • Event Promotional Materials
  • Specialty Themed Décor

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