55% of those who engage with nonprofits via social media have been inspired to take further action.


Online, you have about 8 seconds to convince a visitor to learn more about your organization. That's where we come in.

Helping Non-Profits Spread Their Message Online

CauseRoar exists to help non-profit organizations and changemakers spread their message effectively online. Our designs and interactive tools help you translate your mission into online marketing programs that engage, inspire, and transform individuals into supporters while building lasting connections with donors, volunteers, and those in need.

Proven design and development strategies

At CauseRoar, we believe that understanding your organization's goals is the basis for creating a website that works for you. Whether it includes fundraising, inspiring activism, creating awareness, building a community, online learning, or managing events — we apply our proven design and development strategies to create a visually compelling, interactive, and user-friendly online presence that gets you where you want to go.

Event Management Services

  • Design and development of event website
  • Determine best technology and systems for online event registration, speaker and exhibitor management.
  • Design and develop event promotional materials, program, interactive DVDs, brochures, signage, mobile apps and sponsorship materials.
  • Work directly with event exhibitors and speakers to ensure all materials are received and are in the correct format for print and online.
  • Create RFPs for video production and manage selection and implementation of video services.
  • Design and develop livestreaming online video
  • Design and develop online media center for pay per view video purchases.
  • In-house printing of signage materials and management of all print services.

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